I teach YOU how to love, You


Hey! I am Brittney LaCour, a mental health counselor who provides guidance and mentorship to girls. My focus is to help girls gain confidence in every aspect of their life. From a mental health perspective, I can help shatter negative self-talk, eliminate stigmas, and decrease daily stress that causes low self-esteem and a decrease sense of purpose. Self-esteem and confidence can be hard because it's not how people see us, but how we see ourselves.

I teach you how to stop focusing on other people and to gain self-confidence by reducing comparison

I graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. I then graduated from Adams State University with a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling.  I learned skills that I use to teach girls how to trust their own judgement and stand behind their choices. Confidence isn't just about appearance, you also need confidence in other areas of your life such as: education, relationships, and your own intuition. I want girls to believe in themselves so much that obstacles become fun challenges, not life altering road blocks because you don't have the confidence to get through it.
Aside from teaching confidence, I teach girls and their parents about wellness. Wellness focuses on the whole person and considers an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Wellness encompasses self-worth, emotional stability, coping skills, balanced relationships and physical well-being, among many others. Focusing on all aspects of a person and not one part creates an individual that is whole. I believe that confidence is an important aspect to wellness, and without it, an individual will hold themselves back from being who they want to be.