Why You Should Stop Comparing Your Life To Hers


To compare is to note the similarities and differences between two or more things. Comparison. That word that can be both good and evil, productive and a setback, and can lead to positive and negative feelings. If this word can do both, how are supposed to know when to compare and when not to? To make things simple, you should compare products, not people. When you compare products, you determine the best one for your situation. When you compare yourself to other people, your confidence will either drop or be falsely inflated.  Comparing yourself to other people can lead to 7 things that will negatively impact your life and your confidence.

1.       Jealousy & Envy

Jealousy is an innate trait, but envy is learned. Comparing ourselves to other people can be innate, but to envy what they have is learned. When you strive to be better than the next girl, you are selling yourself short. Remember, her success does not directly affect yours.

2.       Pride

Pride is not necessarily a bad thing, but can be when it gets in the way of your life and relationships. You should be proud of your accomplishments, but you should never be so proud that you can’t right your wrongs. This leads to a life that no one wants to be a part of, and leads to low self-esteem. Have pride, but don’t be prideful.

3.       Discontentment

You start to not be happy with your life, because you want what that other person has. Remember, that people show you what they want you to see. You never know what that person is going through, or went through to get where they are now. You may be striving for a life that is less than satisfying and nothing like what you have now. If you aren’t happy with your life, fix it, but don’t change it because of what someone else has.

4.       Prejudice

You learn prejudge people before you even get to know them. You may even say that they don’t deserve the life they have because you don’t understand what they did to get there.  STOP IT!

5.       Unfulfilled Destiny

If you believe in destiny, then you believe that there is already a plan for your life. If you are constantly comparing and trying to beat the person next to you, you may stand in the way of that destiny. Think of it this way, you are supposed to get to level 10, but you are so fixated on beating her (and she is at level 5), that you stop at level 6. You still had 4 more levels that was in your destiny, but you stopped because you compared your life to hers. In the words of Donald Trump: Sad.

6.       Depression

You may become depressed when you can’t reach this life that wasn’t supposed to be yours in the first place. I’ll repeat: wasn’t supposed to be yours in the first place! You have your own life to live, stop trying to live hers, it’s exhausting and you never really know what to do anyways.

7.       Lower Standards

You compare yourself to the people around that you lower your standards to match theirs. Keep your standards high and strive for the life you dreamed of since you were a little girl.

Your life will always be different than hers, but I want to remember a few things. . .

  • Her success NEVER decreases yours
  • Her beauty NEVER takes away from the fact that you are gorgeous too
  • She will NEVER be you, so you be you!